Need Better 60's (Shock Settings)


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Trying to better my 60 foot times.

Best of a 1.52 of the T-Brake @ 16psi

QA1 on all 4 single adjustable

Running MT 28X9 Slicks with 14psi of air i think

Rear suspension has all HR parts, HR Bar, HR adjust uppers, + 1/4 Lowers, Set at -2.5 if i remember right

My question are with the shock settings and any other help

Have the fronts set at 6 and the rears at 4 from the softest. Best of 1.52

Went stiffer in the rear shocks as i remember reading if the track is hooking up well, stiffen the rear but i might be wrong. went to 7 clicks from soft 12 being the stiffest and it didn't improve at all did 1.54-1.56 if i remember right.

I'm using stock T wheels with no rim screws. not sure if the rims are spinning on the tires so i will mark them next time. any help would be great. car runs 11.00 :wink:
I assume you are spinning???
Have you tried the footbrake off 7 or 8psi? I have never launched off more than that, and have gone high 1.4's in mid to high 10 sec cars on drag radials with less suspension work.
Hard to say. i would think its spinning some as well. The data logs show a raise in RPM of the launch then it drops down and comes back up. So i would assume its spinning. I will mark the tires/rims and also lower the boost on lauch
Where is your AFR during spool up/ low boost, and timing at low boost? I would think hitting 1.45 to 1.47 should be possible. With the suspension you have I would even try a 275/60 MT DR. The DR's will roll out quicker. Unless your local track is slick, I would bet you will pick up with a DR once you get the launch right.

You can try less air in the slicks too. I ran 12psi in my 28x10.5 MT, but on an 8" rim. The MT 28x9 are very close in size to a 275/60, the 28x10.5's are alot taller.
let me look at my data logs when i get home. I have the best tunner tunning my car so i know the tune is there. Also i had MT DR on my car last year. this year i decided to try the MT slicks since i wanted to use the Trans brake. I will see which ones i like better later on.
only been back to the track once.. track prep was crap. couldn't even get a 1.5

i will keep you posted next trip out