Need Help!!!! Finishing My Rebuild


Whynd it up
I need help on this if u can send me some pic of yer set up would really help
up close ones

does this coneect to that valve?

witch hoeses go hear

does the braket go behind the alternator

is this right?

the hoes fron beind that thing where does that connect too

what goes here

this is what i got so far those are the main things holding me back so if u can help i really
You just brought back nightmares for me. Other guys on here should be able to help you out, sorry I can't. It's been way too long. Do you still have the diagram on the fan shroud? Your getting real close. Charlie should be able to nail your questions when he responds. Hope it runs well for you!
Send me a PM with your email and I'll send you what diagrams I have. I'm bushed right now so I may not respond right away.