Need Magnavox ignition control module for 1985 T-Type


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Sep 22, 2007

I have a 1985 Buick Regal T-Type with a stock V6 4.3L engine.

My mechanic told me the ignition control module is not working.

He said it might take a Magnavox (1-coil) unit.

Does this make sense?

I'm not sure where to get them, or if they even make them anymore!



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if you have a T-type, it has a 3.8 liter Buick V6.
as for your ignition dilemma, unless you want to keep it all original, you should convert to the setup used in the 86 and 87 turbo Buicks and millions of other FWD cars from the late 80's.
do a search here- there is a lot of info about the swap, and most of the parts are available locally at any parts store or junkyard.
you should hook up with Len Freeman there in vegas, he'll tell you what you need and probably has parts on hand. hth
Caspers Electronics has the jumper harness needed to convert to the Type I coil setup as found on the LC2 intercooled motor and a few others or the Type II individual coil setup as found on lots of FWD 3.8L's from around 88-92.
Hopefully I can convert my engine to a 1986 or 1987 ignition system. I can't get it to run as a bone stock 1985. Thanks for your help!