Need vacuum brake set-up for 87 GN


Self-tuning wanna-be
See title. Need this before my car kills me...yes, i damn near pooped my pants. If anyone can help please do.....ready to buy.
Do yourself a favor. Buy a pedal and buy new 86 Monte Carlo set up from autozone. Had a used vac set up that I blew out because of some dog. Lol
i'm contemplating the 12" b-body booster, my problemmaster is starting to act up again, so I'm making plans.

I agree with using new or rebuilt brake parts, you already have used brake parts on the car. Why trade one problem for another?

I have done a hundred or so vacuum conversions, and one thing I will never do again is install a used vacuum booster or master cylinder.

For one reason at least 1/2 of the used units I have installed were not good to begin with or fail shortly thereafter. Consider they have been around used sitting or in use for 30 years.

Second, you can go to a parts store and get a complete reman booster and master cylinder for a 1987 Regal non-turbo unit with a lifetime warranty and a perfect fit. :)