Need/want more power!

TA49 turbo
60lbs injectors
Valve springs
3.5 downpipe with electric exhaust cut out
TT chip
That’s all I can think of right now everything else is stock on the drivetrain. I just finished upgrading the brake system and now I want more power. I do not wanna spend a crazy amount right now but what would be the next best upgrade? Budget is 1k.

Fat Nat

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Just crank the boost up have fun while it lasts and when it shits the bed spend the money. Seriously 1k to spend. Bigger turbo 62/62

dank GN

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Fuel pump and Hotwire . Crank up the boost to about 20-22ish with the alky u should be okay and if the turbo isn’t spoiling fast enough then a 2800-3000 stall converter should help it . Just watch for detonation

NY Twin Turbo

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Take a look through this thread And pay close attention to my responses.

How fast do you want to go? And how many times do you want to do it over and over and over and over and over and over again?

Don't buy one more single thing for it unless your going to put it in a box waiting for that special moment. What special moment, you ask?

When you blow it up!

Then build the car once in overkill of your goal.

You'll save a ton of money.


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to me i remember really enjoying having a bolt on car with a built trans and a good tune and tire.they were fun and you could drive them all the time with capability to run a great 1/8 to 1000ft, good mileage its nothing like my nt car but it was alot cheaper and required alot less knowledge and effort to maintain.


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Id put the grand in the converter before the turbo, the 49 with the right converter feels a lot bigger. it may be enough for you if your only playing on the street and not chasing a number.


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Best $500 I spent on mine for performance was tossing the D5 Converter and having Dusty Bradford build me a 10". Way more fun to drive.