New Best - Steve Sullivan - REYNOLDS



Just want to congratulate Steve for a new best in his TSM car. Spoke with him yesterday and he ran a 9.30 something at 143plus mph. Made a few other passes draggin the bumper for the 1st time, lets just say he was excited!!! Congrats Steve and good luck today!!
Congrats Steve, that's NASTY. You know those dyno numbers must have been on the low side!!!!! ;);) Now get that MPH up there to 150+ :eek:
Nice job Steveo, you Have that baby flying, and good luck today buddy

Congrats and I hope your weekend only gets better.
Congrats Sully! Looks like you found some more power over your break from racing. Those wheelies are an awesome thing to watch, but not so awesome one the ET.. :cool:
Congrats Sully, Soon you will need that chute you've been toting around on the back of that thing...
Damn Sully, Congrats!! Did your Pops make any passes in the blue car?

From what I saw, I think the car has a little more left in it. Glad to see your back in the game. Congratulations.
Thanks alot guys. Car ran great all weekend but was having trouble keeping front end down. Ended up breaking ring gear from all the wheelstands. Couple suspension tweaks and it should be good to go. :biggrin:

Here is video that Blazer406 shot and sent me.

9.38 pass