New style child seat restaint mounts

87 WE2

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Jun 28, 2002
I know there will probably not be a huge demand for these but with my first child on the way I could not help to think that these could be fabed up pretty easily. Something simple and functional that can bolt in under the rear seat belt anchors so no major modifications are needed to the car.

I know I would buy 2 sets.

Heres a picture of the mounts on the rear seat of an SRT-4.

GN rear seat belts work fine for baby seats. Most have the ability to work with "latch" and without. But if they were there it would be cool.
Correct I know the rear belts should work but it would be nice to have these also.

If anyone were to make them they should work in allot of 78-87 GM cars not just G-bodys.