new track times!!!


I'm a ASSHOLE.....
Dec 25, 2003
howdy guys

I just got back in from being out at the track tonite. while there with some friends i decided to give the stockish hot air hell!

The only mods to my 84wh1 is a gutted cat(due to it wouldn't make boost when i bought it)

I also removed the bottom of the air box. i still have a stock style paper air filter in.

Other than that she is stock as can be!

The air temps were is the high 70's low 80's i guess.

run 1

2.17 60ft
10.17 @ 67.74 mph.


2.27 60ft
10.08 @ 68.20 mph

I spun on the launch just a touch/ i manually shifted the car. Thats hard to do since this car is so quiet!!!!!!!!!! I also allowed for about 20mins to cool down from run 1


2.17 60ft
9.94 @ 69.82 mph

I manually shifted the car again. The car really maybe had 10mins of cool down time as they were shutting down for the evening.

not bad for a 132k hot air.

i'm sure just some better flowing exhaust would help it out a bunch!
Now Mr. Broughton, we HA guys have a reputation of slowness to uphold. Don't go messing things up:D Too bad you didn't have the M/Ts on, once I get the new Alky pump in we'll have to do this again and see how much more you'd gain with some good rear tires.

Heck of a car for $1500!

I didn't expect to kill two turbo regals at the track last night with my G8:rolleyes:

Oh and by the way, good job on killing Jim Anson's turbo last night!