New Zimmerman/AZGN Stroker build is here!


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Dec 9, 2011
It has arrived! I am back from the dead, the defeated, the stressed...well that last part is subjective :)

Started the progress last night. Got the pan on, heads torqued for a re-torque today. Timing cover on, lifter pre-load set, motor mounts put on. Tonight should be able to get the intake installed, fuel rail, plenum, headers, coil pack, heater hoses to front cover, cam timing, prime oil system, balancer, crank pulley, water pulley, turbo, and some misc brackets. I am shooting for a start up tomorrow evening.


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Looking really good man. I'm likin the header studs too!!
yes, thanks. WIll always be using studs from now on. I am not going to have header leaks at all. A little known fact. Order ones for a buick 350. They are 50$ less, and you get more studs, not that you use them, but why not.
:cool:nice looking build, make sure you include a start up video when you fire her up for the first time.
Grand National Porn!!!
Very, very nice!!

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thanks for the props. As for the startup vid, I wont be able to since Ill have Cal on the phone, we need to do additional adjustments from the e85 tune on first start. But I will for sure do a video after all is settled down.

Tonight I got a ton of stuff done

heads retq, intake on, fuel rail on, balancer, pulleys, headers, turbo, brackets, primed oil system, set cam timing, and got the engine into the bay and bolted up. Tomorrow will bring the transmission install, and all the small stuff to hook up and make a punch list so I can drive this damn thing!


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I'm am extremely jealous right now, therefore I do not like you. When I'm finished with my build and the jealousy has passed, we can be online friends again....:D

That looks great! Thanks for sharing pics(y)
Damn !!!

Not only is that one GOOD looking engine, you have some cool toys in the background!
Up and running. Unfortunately I have developed an oil leak at the crank sensor location. It didnt dawn on me that the upper bolt that runs through the crank sensor bracket is open to the oil galley. THen I broke the damned crank sensor bracket. Anyways, here is the video of the car running. Fired right up!

To quote a famous movie from back in the day "SCHWING" To bad about the leak.

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