New Zimmerman/AZGN Stroker build is here!

Internally waste-gated is sufficient to control boost on that monster?? That start up vid is epic!:geek:
can't wait to drive it. Fixed the leak at the timing cover...that gasket didnt have a chance lol.. Now I think I am out of time with the cam sensor because I have the notorious crank crank chug chug fire, crank symptoms. Oh well, we are close. Finicky little bastards.
It has arrived! I am back from the dead, the defeated, the stressed...well that last part is subjective :)

Started the progress last night. Got the pan on, heads torqued for a re-torque today. Timing cover on, lifter pre-load set, motor mounts put on. Tonight should be able to get the intake installed, fuel rail, plenum, headers, coil pack, heater hoses to front cover, cam timing, prime oil system, balancer, crank pulley, water pulley, turbo, and some misc brackets. I am shooting for a start up tomorrow evening.
Sorry to sound ignorant. I've never torn an engine apart. But what is that red liquid on the center of the top part of the block? Is that an oil coating for the intake area?

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Assembly Lube or oil probably from the lifters

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That's the blood from the "Blood, Sweat & Tears" portion of the build
love it. yes, it is everywhere. My house has been a murder scene for the past 3 months lol!!!

but yes, the red stuff is cam break in lube.
And the final part.. the engine in the bay picture...


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