NOS cam sensor/parts/caps


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May 25, 2001
Selling NOS cam sensor less cap
Marked A. $650

Cam sensor "B", disassembled for inspection. Non standard, can't confirm OEM production shaft. Some nice work on lathe to make HD top reluctor ring "bolts" on. Can reassemble for use, no cap $200

Cam sensor "E", disassembled, lower bearing loose. New bearing fits tighter. Rebuild kit might save housing. No cap $200

Parts only group, housing gone, was beoned, saving. No cap $100

Cam sensor "C", good, usable. No issues. Disassembled for inspection, can reassemble if needed, no cap $400
Single caps all good other than crack in cap, in each, marked with yellow chalk.
$100 each

Listing these items due to cam sensors being scarce. Someone may want these items.
All prices include shipping in contenential USA. PayPal to friends or add fee. More pics available if needed
Is the nos cam sensor A in perfect working condition? Not in need of a rebuild? If so I'll take it. And a cap as well please.
Caps $100 each. Price is on the original post just above the first pic.
Not at this time. I sold what I had at bowling green last month.