NVU gauge cluster installation.


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Jan 15, 2004
Some documents from NVU on installation.
This is a first draft there could be some corrections from the one you receive.

UPDATE 1/15/14
Things to buy:
Casper's 18 way dash connector mate...this is optional but allows installation with out cutting factory harness connector.

Speed senders:
2 pulse speed sender from trans to VSS.

-or from-

Speed sender from trans to gauge:
These are very common and can be found at tons of different sources the price varies widely.



Wire 14-16 gauge in different colors to help install the senders under the hood and from the 2 pulse sender to the interior.
Wire conduit/ plastic wire loom to cover the wires under the hood and under the car.
Zip ties to secure conduit.
Electrical tape.
Heat shrink for any connections made, heat shrink is a good alternative to tape.
Ring terminals and misc spade terminals to add POS and Ground as required as per installation instructions.
Terminal strip IF you choose not to use the Casper's connector mate and will cut the harness connector off a terminal strip can make short work of the wiring.
Here is a pic:

For Caspers connector soldering is required so a soldering gun/rod with thin electrical solder.


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I enhanced the wire diagrams with detail and color.

Looking at the illustration it looks like the seat belt trigger is NOT wired correctly.
It needs a Positive trigger from the chime module. If you want this to work you need to find the seat belt icon and have the positive trigger from the chime module a yellow and black wire is found at the back of the dash. Go to the positive wire for the light.
Black ground on the harness can be connected as shown.

A run down of theBuick LC2 icon lights

1-3 Volts, Brake and Cruise lights has a common POS (pink blk) and triggers are NEG. (Brn, tan/wht & wht wires respectively) volts brn wire comes from regulator and in a fault grounds.

4 Belts has a POS trigger (ylw/blk) from the chime module and a dedicated ground NEG (blk)

5-6 L turn (Lt Blu) flasher POS. R turn (Dk Blu) flasher POS. triggers

7 Hi Beam (Lt grn) POS trigger

8 Security separate (Orn) POS (dk grn) NEG trigger.

9 SES has its own 194 bulb socket/pigtail pnk/blk POS and brwn/wht NEG.

10 Power inj POS and NEG (from aftermarket controller)

11 Low inj fluid NEG trigger from aftermarket fluid level float sender.

12 ! (extra warning icon) POS and NEG
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This may assist to give installers a different perspective using the factory service manual.


How I plan to wire the speedometer .
Speedo inst illus..png

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Ok today was the first day I could even start on this dash project.
I started with the Trim mask. As reported this doesn't fit perfectly it is about .060 too big from top to bottom
I placed the trim piece on a clean work bench and used 60 grit sand paper to get it to the right size this took about 45 minutes of sanding and checking. This makes a big mess. sand in only one direction and I only had to do one side more than the other, the middle part is flexible and will conform to the shape of the bezel and uses less sanding, the sides are rigid and need the most sanding. I am sure both the
factory and NVU parts were not precision made and everyone's will be slightly different.

dash 003.JPG

Next on to the factory trim piece; I laid the now correct flat laying trim mask onto the bezel and scribed a line all around where the black plastic was showing.

dash 001.JPG

dash 004.JPG

I then used a key hole saw with metal blade to trim to the inside of my scribe lines.

dash 009.JPG

dash 006.JPG

dash 007.JPG

Some areas I was able to cut all away inside the lines.
The two sides I was only able to do relief cuts, and then used a pair of front cutters to indent the entire line (takes alot of hand pressure) and I then bent it up and down until the plastic gave way.

dash 008.JPG

Following up with the 60 grit to clean up any ragged spots. Wash. Dry. Test fit to make sure bezel cuttings are not visible with trim mask and then when assured your happy glue it using 3M super weather strip adhesive in black or black silicone RTV.
Be careful not to use too much or it will squish out. Avoid getting any adhesive on the silver line on the back it is painted and could discolor if you get it on there.

dash 012.JPG
dash 013.JPG

Finished product w/ BuickGN.com/Mark Hueffman simulated aluminum pieces installed

dashh 001.JPG
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Some documents from NVU on installation.
This is a first draft there could be some corrections from the one you receive.
I sure hope so...or I hope there are some keys missing from their keyboard...ha! Still, I got the gist of it. Steve, thanks for your research and diligence on this project. We wouldn't have it if not for you. Cheers!
X3. Thanks for everything. I can't begin to imagine how much time and effort it took to put this all together.
Thanks for bringing this all together Steve. I have been searching for years for a gauge cluster I actually like....and you made it happen.

Mega ditto's to Steve for the time invested in this project. Can't wait to get home from work tomorrow to see what the UPS man will bring!
I hadn't received my email yet and I ordered without wiring. After seeing the instructions I called to see if I could have the wiring added. Seems mine was on the bench as we spoke and they were able to add it. Seems like great customer service from what I could tell on the phone call.

I'm glad I'm not cool now LOL.