Oil leaks


Jul 12, 2022
Been digging into my car lately, going down that rabbit hole. Started by wanted to replace exhaust headers, in doing so I’m noticing a large amount of oil on each side of the engine, thinking valve covers. Also there is a lot around the turbo, not sure if it’s the turbo itself or the front china wall. Here’s some pics, hopefully someone with experience can pinpoint it for me.

Based on the pics I'd say you have more than one oil leak source. It appears that the valve covers were leaking a lot but the gaskets look newer, not new but not original. The turbo appears to be leaking too as the bottom of the compressor housing is wet. Check the turbo for shaft end play and damage to the compressor wheel.

If the valve cover is still ported to the turbo inlet bell, there's another leaker.
Looks like a towel is stuck in the vc port, and the inlet stem appears to have a hose on it.
Time for a serious housecleaning!
Unless replaced, if there is a gasket not leaking on these engines, that would be unusual. Replace everything you can reasonably get to, clean the engine up good, and look for the next series of leaking gaskets. These engines were original with rope seals for the timing cover and rear main as well, and if not changed will be leakers. The higher the boost, the more oil that is pushed out of these engines. At least there's not alot of rust :ROFLMAO:
Yeah most of the rusted stuff were bolts on the exhaust system and the rear suspension components. I took off the headers on both sides and crossover pipe, luckily no broken bolts during the whole process, used plenty of PB buster though. Just a bunch of oil everywhere and in need of a good cleaning. The vacuum hoses connected the turbo were cracking when i pulled them off, they def needed replacing. I'm replacing the suspension with a UMI kit i purchased on black friday. got a new exhaust, headers, dp from tr custom parts. I'll be upgrading a few other pieces as i go along.