Oil Pump assembly


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Oct 16, 2003
I bought a HV cover and oil pump. I am in the process of assembling it. Since the gears are new, do they still have to be checked for clearance? Do I need a booster plate with this setup? I also have two gaskets. One came with the pump, and the other is a stock felpro. Which should I use?

Thanks for any help.....

You should always check for the proper clearances. i would use the booster plate also. Start your checks with the thinner of the 2 gaskets. :) Frank
When I bought my new timing cover from the GSCA (GM cover) I checked the gear end clearance and it was right at .002... I think .002-.006 is allowable clearance... The tighter the clearance the better your oil press. will be..

I had to purchase thinner gaskets for my last oil pump to correct the clearances.

My new motor and timing cover assy. w/a KB Booster plate netted me 20 psi hot oil press. idle in drive!!!