Oil return line help


Jan 31, 2005
Just reinstalled my 63-1 and having a problem with the oil return line leaking. I tried switching the gasket out and it is still leaking. Can anyone tell me how tight the bolts need to be with out making it leak or any type of wisdom with the return line. Any adavise is always helpful.
1. Clean the turbo flange and the drain tube flange with alky. or acetone CLEAN then dry with clean rag.

2. Install (2) 8mm studs into the turbo flange, acquire 2 lockwashers and nuts 8mm.

3. Use a new large GM thick gasket dry.

4. Install tube over studs without ripping the gasket or digging it up on the studs.

5. Tighten nuts.

Or to exactly anser your question the stock bolts can't have too much torque 22 ft. lbs. so sayeth the "book".

please check also, that the drainpipe is not broken near the upper flange. It is very usual with the original pipe. If it is broken, you haven´t the possibility to repair it; purchase a new original style pipe or made from steel braided nylon.