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Sep 14, 2003
Here we go again with oil talk.Please refresh my memory;since I can't find GM EOS, would something like Rotella be adequate to protect my new cam?Or one of the racing oils? What are you guys doing?
Is new cam a roller or flat-tappet? Supplement not needed for roller--you can just go w/ Valvoline Racing oil (VR-1) or the Shell Rotella. While other additives don't have as much ZDDP as EOS, STP & Lucas Oil Treatments offer a level of protection. Then there's the new, concentrated ZDDP product offered by Kirban Performance, just recently introduced by his friend (& creator) at this recent Open House mid-September...where just several ounces will do-you...

You just reminded me, I'm going to stop by my local GM dealer & see if they have any EOS stock remaining...
You can also use the Rotella diesel oil (@ Adv Auto).

I just scored 4 pts of EOS ("Assembly Lube")--all they had--at my nearest GM dealer. The other GM dealer near me had none. Not cheap (about $9 each incl. tax), but then what dealer priced parts are?

As I now have a hydr roller--EOS is now overkill--but can 8 oz. /oil change hurt...?