Old Parts from my engine


Why Try...
May 26, 2001

I would rather not ship this stuff due to weight but I have a few parts that I won't need anymore.

I need to measure the crank that came out of my engine (needs to be turned but not sure about specs). Also have my spare that I picked up years ago before forged cranks were affordable (was told it is 10 under). Have a set of stock rods as well.

Not sure what any of this is worth other than knowing that I paid 300 plus shipping for the spare crank. For the rods, I am thinking 75 bucks or so. For the other crank, I'll measure it and then post that up before determining a price as it might be free to a new home. :)

I am in Northern Va and can put this in the trunk and meet anywhere from Arlington/the DC line (work in Springfield) to as far south as Fredericksburg (live in Woodbridge).