One piece bumper/fillers

I would like to use my stock blinkers in the bumper, and urethane would be better. Being a bodyguy fiberglass is something I am not a fan of for bumpers
Hey guys,

I have started a composites company about 6 months ago, we are specializing in G-body parts.

We already have the malibu stuff finished.

We have a 78 cutlass in the shop doing all the glass parts for that.

We are doing regal and Grand national doors now, and are getting ready to do our Outlaw Regal/Grand National bumper and Valance!

If I get enough interest I will push the bumpers forward.

Contact Eric 772-559-4928

Here are some malibu pictures

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Welcome Eric. Glad to see someone making some parts for our car, but I will ask that you refrain from posting things for your business until you contact one of the admin on the board. We'd love to have another vendor to help support the board. PM SGRIM or if you'd like I can PM you his phone number so you can chat with him.:)
one pice front bumper

We just got done making the mold last week here is the first one out of the mold. We are doing another one with A one piece spoiler to. And A deck lid with the spoiler built in but it will be laid back and come out longer. It should be done next week. Let me know what you think.


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We will offer them both ways with and without the bumper lights. And yes you can still use you bumper supports. I'm working on price right now. It is A high quilty pice it fit grate on this car and we are going to test fit on some orther to make sure you don't have to do A bunch of work to fit them up. The back bumper and deck lid should be done in A few weeks and I will post pic as soon as there done. Thanks everybody!
Ok guys from what I can tell right now it looks like we are going to be in the $550.00 range on the front. Not sure about the other stuff. Should have some ready to ship in A few weeks.

Are the bumpers fiberglass and you stated they will except the aluminum supports are you talking about the ones that replace the bumper shocks or the full length beam? how about a rear pic of the bumper that might answer the question also?