Pinks was fun, but........

congrats nick, also congrats to dick, and don as well.

Also nick your car ran great this year at the WCN right :)
I never really see any Buicks turbo or non turbo in the 2010 season in any finals.

You may see a G body in the runoffs when they FAST FORWARD the video.

NICK PROVES 1 THING. YOUR TOO FAST FOR THEM! ;) Your in a class by yourself.

Looking good.

What did it run, and which time did they pick?

Man, those are some great pics. Met the photographer and his wife while in line to get my sons hat autographed by the Pinks guys, real nice couple. Congrats Nick!
Car looks great in those pics!! I bet someone gets a new screen saver;)
Congratulations Nick & others who attended. Mike:cool:
Car looks great in the pics, better in person, sorry I did not get to meet you while I was there.
I think he ran

I saw some 9.94- 9.96
and this was on 17 lb boost !!!!!!!!
PINKS All Out Takes A Production Break
Grassroots drag-racing show has been broadcast on SPEED since 2005.
SPEED Staff | Posted December 06, 2010 Charlotte, NC

PINKS All Out Home
PINKS All Out Season Four
SPEED TV Schedule
SPEED has put PINKS All Out on hiatus from producing new episodes for 2011. (SPEED logo)
SPEED announced today that grassroots drag-racing television show, PINKS All Out, is taking a hiatus from producing new episodes for 2011.

The most recent episode shot at Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, which premieres in February, represents the 43rd produced since its inception at the Texas Motorplex during Labor Day Weekend of 2006. The PINKS property has been on SPEED since July 2005, starting with PINKS, and extending to PINKS All Out and PINKS All Outtakes.

“PINKS All Out has been one of the most successful television shows in network history,” said Hunter Nickell, SPEED President. “SPEED would like to thank all the dedicated fans, grassroots racers, track management, the on-air team, Pullin Television and its production crew, SPEED affiliates and all the show’s sponsors over the past four seasons for their support; we couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who’s been associated with the show.

“However, after visiting 34 drag strips in four seasons of production throughout the United States, the network feels the current show model needs further evaluation to determine what new direction we want to take the property,” Nickell added. “The PINKS brand has equity within the drag-racing community, especially at the grassroots level. It’s our hope to continue developing quality grassroots motor sports programming out of what everyone has built with PINKS. It’s a process we are currently undertaking.”

AUTO-RACING - PINKS All Out Takes A Production Break -