Playstation 1 for sale


EFI Unlimited #4
Howzit all,

I've upgraded to a PS2, so I was just wondering if anyone would like to buy a Playstation 1.
It has a mod chip so it can play copied and import games. I'll include 3 controllers; including one Dualshock controller, multi-tap, GameShark, 3 memory cards, a few strategy guides, and LOTS of games. (Some are original, but I have a lot of copies, too.:D )
Sysytem works great. I'm not looking to make a lot of $$$ off of this, I'd just like to make room for my newer stuff. It'd make somebody's kid *real* happy. I'm asking $200 for everything. You can buy a new PSOne for $99, but you'll wind up spending WAY more to have the equivalent of the stuff that I'm including for $200.
At any rate, I figure I'd ask. If you're interested, reply here or call me at 626-8715.