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May 24, 2001
Ok, with the advent of Win 7, 8, 8.1, and now 10, the driver signing has become a huge pain in the tailpipe. So, about a year ago we changed to signed drivers for the PL. Windows has the drivers or can download them from windows update.

But for all the guys with the original style PL, converting to the signed drivers is probably a good idea.

Here is the process. (aside from sending the PL to me).

Install MProg3, this is a configuration program from FTDI, they make the USB chip in the PL.

unzip the template file.

open MProg 3, open the template (232rl-default), with the PL plugged in and the key on, click the magnifying glass, then the lightning bolt.

Then when you next plug into the PL, Windows will want new drivers, just let it search the web or windows update or whatever.

Post up questions.


========================================================----v the old way

Here is a procedure for manual driver installation with Windows 7, many thanks to Mike (Hemi8) for his help working out the steps.

I wanted to write a simple, install procedure ........... so here is my procedure:
1. Insert PL CD into computer.
2. Click and drag PL folder onto desktop.
3. Plug USB cable into ECM and laptop.
4. Turn Key ON/Engine Off.
5. Hit the Windows Start icon.
6. Right click "Computer".
7. Hit "Manage".
8. In the window that pops up hit "device manager"
9. You will see "powerlogger" and another devise called "USB serial port" listed, both will have a yellow (!) next to them.
10. Right click on one of them and pick update driver, you will have a choice to either let the computer automatically find the driver or you can browse for a specific location. You want to browse to the desktop and just pick the "Drivers" folder listed in the PL files we dragged onto the desktop in step 2. Do not pick any specific driver, just pick the folder and let it do its thing.
11. Now, do the same exact thing for the USB serial port, steer it to the powerlogger driver folder and let it do its thang. (this was the part that screwed me up for 2 hours and I saw nothing about this anywhere, I thought something was wrong with my serial port).
12. Thats it, takes about 10 min. During the process (step 4 and beyond), the laptop has to be connected to the ECM and the Key On/Engine off until completely finished.
Thank you Eric (TurboTweak) and Bob, the Powerlogger and TurboTweak chip work very well and make tuning the car easy.


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Stickied..... post up some general info for pl here...troubleshooting, setup, etc. Here or another thread and ill sticky. It too...thanks for all your work on our TR' S....
I just used these directions.

They were clear, easy to follow and worked PERFECTLY for setting up a little factory reconditioned ACER Aspire One Mini Notebook that I got on ebay for only 98 bucks!

The computer only weighs 5 pounds, perfect for the drag strip.

Though I tried (in vien) I couldn't find a way to make the 2 pound Sylvania mini notebook my son gave me work because it didn't have a processor that was compatible for the PL, so this was the next best thing.

The only problem I have seen so far is that there is a consistant 1% (+/- .03) A/F reading difference between the PL and the known correct ScanMaster & Wideband A/F set up already in the car.....

Troublesome? Perhaps.

Any ideas how to correct this?

Thanks for the easy to use guide, I love this place!
consistent? + and - ?

give me some data points.

which wideband?

It's consistant 1% LOW (+/- .03) that I can see.

I.E 13.8 - 14.2 @ Idle is 12.6 - 13.9 on the PL.... for split seconds it's dead on.

I'm going to have to get back to you on this. And I promise I will.

It's just getting late, I've shut the garage, etc.....

I'm not complaining.... just trying to figure out what I'm seeing.

Heck, I haven't even logged a run with it yet. Being that I'm in Phoenix and it was 114 out there this afternoon, I might not actually log anything until October!!!!!

Have a great night.
because the readings jump around and you can't really watch 2 things at once, its hard to get a real comparison. its easier to watch right after you shut the engine off.

we'll get it nailed down.


I got back after it today and with a suggestion from Eric Marshall, via Lou Czarnota, I figured out that I had the wrong parameters set for the Wideband in the PL Analog Input Settings window.:oops:

I'm running an Auto Meter WB and needed to have the PLX setting selected for Wideband Input, I then set MAP for a 3 Bar Sensor, EGT type to Old Style EGT Adapter, Anolalog 4 to MAFT Pro BoostDC and Analog 5 to Correction Factor.

All of it seems to be working correctly now.:)

I'll know alot more when I can log a couple of runs but that may be a while. Summer has arrived in Phoenix.......:( :(:eek:
TTT for an Awsome thread,in process of install, had some issues at first, did a quick search followed this step by step...all is good....thumbs up!!!..thankd Mike
Thank God for this thread. Greatly appreciated. Was going crazy trying to figure out how to install the dam usb drivers.
how about windows 8
need to install drivers
i have the PL installed to desk top but that it
computer is not picking up the PL when I turn the key on
i got it working on win 8
here is something y0u will need to do that got me going
hope this helps anyone have the same problem i had

your device but encoutered an error while attempting to install it.
The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.
I figured this was security that was built into Windows to prevent me from installing bad drivers. This is a feature called Device Driver Signing. After going through the steps to disable driver signing in Windows 8, I was able to get my community drivers installed. Here’s how I did it.
1. Mouse over the lower-left corner, then select Settings.
2. Select Change PC Settings.
3. Choose General.
4. Scroll to the bottom and select Restart now under the Advanced startup area.
5. Select Troubleshoot.
6. Select Advanced Options.
7. Select Startup Options.
8. Select Restart.
Now Device Driver Signing should be disabled, allowing you to install any driver you like in Windows 8 until you reboot.
I couldn't see it mentioned here, my ASUS T100 convertible tablet / laptop only has a regular USB in the detachable keyboard portion which it seems will work now that I've disable signed driver requirement. If I wanted to use just the tablet without keyboard, I'd have to use the micro USB 2.0?...Is there a converter cable that we know will work....or will that input just not adapt for what PowerLogger requires..Seems like it should convert, but I'm a mechanical guy;)
Wow, this is soo much better than the old days with the big, heavy laptop, plugged into the inverter because the battery only lasted 2 hours max. Oh by the way it was originally running TurboLink...great for the time. Soon we will be able to use a blue tooth adapter for PL to talk to the tablet...or better an app on my smart phone! I love this stuff!
Thank you for the tip! Ordered the converter and will give it a try. PL running great on my T100 tab (with keyboard for now), thanks to this site / thread. Thanks again to everyone for their contributions making these cars faster and keeping values up!
just want to know if the powerlogger works with windows 8.1 and ifso how can I get it to work .I tried using the post up top .I knowe is for 7. but just tried it anyway it has a com connection problem .anyone?
My posts are for 8.1. Running well on tabled and laptop. Have to disable something befor the drivers will install and work. I'm out right now but can look for specific instrux when I get home. Was a snap once you follow and disable the windows function. Signed drivers or something like that.