Preferred Chips w/ SMC alchy

Evans Ward

Love those LC2/ Y56 cars!
May 24, 2001
I need some help from you guys as to preferred chip to run soon with my SMC alchy kit which is on order. Car has stock injectors. I've heard some conflicting info (drivability) on the Thrasher 92 w/alchy which has me wondering if that chip will work out for me once the kit is installed? From what I have gathered, a low timing chip is preferred for alchy. I have a chance to buy a PTE/Lubrant chip for stock inj- how would that chip work here? I also have an old Conley's Mini-Mag chip and don't know the timing profile- what about this one and anyone know the timimg profile. Another option for me would be to have Scott Jones here in GA custom burn a chip for this application. He did some chip burning for Atlanta Buick Specialties and has one for alchy. Anyone running one of his with the SMC? Any and all help greatly appreciated!

Evans Ward
Macon, GA
87 Turbo-T
70 GS455
I was running the Thrasher 100 with the SMC alky this summer, with not too bad results. Could run about 21-22psi on 92 octane with the stock setup in the sig.
Could only run about 13-14psi before the alky with this chip.

I would recommend giving Jim Testa a call. His chips are awesome.
I also have an SMC kit and Jim's Street chip. I ran 22 lbs of boost last time at the track with no knock.
I'm going to be paying him a visit in the near future for a more aggressive chip. :D

I have an extender and T+ and it will be a perfect chip for alky. It gives you control over timing and fuel so you don't have to bother about changing chips, it's all at the touch of a knob.

I have had the best success with Red's chip which is basically a 106 chip that runs around 22* timing. Never had much luck with the Thrashers.

Last time out the car went 11.42 at 119 with 25-26# boost, Sunoco 94, and a denatured/methanol mix. That is through a closed exhaust, TA49, big neck stock IC, THDP, and 43# injectors.