Pro Charger install?


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OK don't boot me out of here for asking has anyone ever installed a ATI Pro Charger on a grand National? I'm buying an 1986 GN and was already thinking of building it different than anybody else. I have a F2 Cog on my 489 BBC in my 1977 Chevy stepside truck and I love it, now I am thinking of going that route on a Buick. Any Thoughts?
different is nice, but why?

Well, if you want to take the F2 off the BBC and see how it works, thats cool, but not cost effective to spend the money on the car with buying another kit to make it work on the GN

Turbos are free horsepower, and your blower setup robs power to make power.
I can only imagine the amount of money used to do this project....

A simple turbo upgrade will make just as much power as the blower.

ATI is 5 miles from my house, i know a guy who just quit working there, he says they are a bunch of *******s and would never work there again.
This would be a lot of work to make less horsepower unless of course you are talking about your F2 BBC in the car. That would not be my first choice but I would have to shut up about the horse power. The GN is known for it's turbo motor and more specifically turbo 6. This is where we got into to trouble with some of the purist with Chow's Car. You need to build the car for you and not to make friends. With what you are suggesting you won't make many here.

I would like to hear about your truck though....
OK I understand

Ok I get it Please don't beat me down to Bad it was just a thought. My Ideas where to try to get rid of the turbo lag, and keep the under the hood temps down, and simplify the engine compartment a little. But after reading the post I can see I was way wrong. and that I would be spending twice the money and gaining half the Horsepower. Thanks for you're thought's and I did not mean to dis rupt the heard :D Thanks Dan
No problem, this is all for fun.
I would still like to hear about your other project. :confused:
You could do a F1R, they've gone 8's with them on mustangs.

F2 would be hella too big for a V6.

F1 would be nice...

But remeber you don't get nothing for free.

Turbos are under 5% lag...whereas SC are way more...I think it's 100hp to turn a F1R i know it's 300hp to turn the F3. and a V6 wouldn't make the N/A power to really spin up a big supercharger..

Heres my F3 it's for sale..would look good on your BBC :rolleyes:

Chevy Stepside

It's a 1977 Chevy Stepside with a Chris Alston 4 link, BBC 489 with F2 Cog Pro Charger, Merlin 320Rect port heads, Team G Intake a Blow Through Mighty Demon 850 AD, No Intercooler Yet. NOS Fogger 150 shot, Independant fuel system for the NOS. BFG Drag radials(That Suck) I plan on switching to Mickey Thompson Drag radials next season. I'm not quite through with my Supercharger install the engine is built and installed and mostly hooked up. (With the holidays coming up I had to stop throwing money at it.) The engine is a 4 bolt 4.280bore block with a Scat 4.250 Crankshaft and 6.385 Rods along wi SPR Blower Pistons.

I've got a friend in town with 1 GN and 2 T Types. 1 T went mid 11's here at 3500ft. none of the cars are complete and painted yet.

I've been looking around for a while and I think I found a GN for me I actually want to keep it a cool daily driver, My truck is entirelly too impractical, But a real kick in the pants.
I love original thinkers and original ideas, but I have to agree with everyone else. I ran a Novi on my cobra, and while I made 600hp with it, it wasnt nearly as fun as my GN...and the GN probably makes no more than 350-400hp...if that. My GN is mild and doesnt even have an atermarket exhaust system. Centrifugals make boost linear with rpm as Im sure you know. The turbo, if sized right and your combo is right, has very little lag, and you suddenly get smashed in the chest by full boost at a low rpm and instant gobs of torque. And its a very flat boost and torque curve as well. No waiting to build boost, and no waiting to get the smile on your face. I had 4.56 gears in the cobra (it was originally an N/A buildup), and with those gears and a manual tranny, you would think that the boost building problem with the centrifugal would be small. Not so. you can always downshift to get in the curve, but it gets annoying, always having to be at high rpms. High rpms kill parts, and turbo buick motors dont need the rpms to slap a big fat smile on your face. Doesnt that blower of yours take over 100 lb. ft. just to spin it? With my TE-44, I can be at a 10-15mph roll in 2nd gear, give it 1/2-2/3rds throttle and maybe a second later if that, Im at 18 or so psi and the car pulls like a raped ape and gets sideways while still pulling like a maniac off his meds. If I go full throttle, it doesnt take any longer really, to hit 23psi. I dont even have to hit 5000 rpm to do this and keep pulling strong through the gears. When my cobra was N/A, it didnt even start to pull till 4000rpm, and then Id have to shift at 7200 just to keep the car pulling. People ran high 11's with a combo like mine with less hp. (N/A form). The curve was pretty similar with the blower. Always had to wind it up high and keep it there. Even with an easy 11 second car, the GN (also probably an 11 sec car) is just more fun...Another thing...unless you tear the motor down and change things to improve high rpm oiling and strength, you'll blow that thing up quickly. These motors are toleranced for high oiling at low rpms (cause of the torque curve), and I wouldnt trust the valvetrain too much either.
Thanks Again for the info

I'm really excited about getting a GN I've been around them for a while and I I've wanted one ever since the mid 80'sand now I'm getting to know there quirks.

My truck ran low 13's at sea level with a mild Big Block and no NOS and mid 12's with small shot. the truck is all steel and weighs in at 3960lbs with out me in it. Now I'm at a higher altitude I ran a low 14's and low 13's with NOS.

I'm waiting to purchase and install the fuel system until after the holidays but I'm hoping to run a conservitive 12's at altitude with out the NOS. But really until all the bugs are worked out I'm not banking on anything.

Thanks again Dan
Give the turbo a shot, I'll bet once you get it tuned and running good, you'll be shopping for big block turbo manifolds! My GN powered S-10 has zero lag and that's with a front-mount IC. You'd think having 8 feet of inlet tubing would be "laggy", but the 9" 3400 stall converter more than makes up for it. It's just one of the best designed engine packages to ever be built. :D