QA1 shocks 12 way adj settings

I just got my QA1 12 way adjustable rear shocks in.

For thoes of you who are running these shocks what setting have you found be be the most succesful for you'r 60 foot times.

My set up:
Upper edelbrock adjustable arms
Lower Metco with instant center bracket installed
Competition engineering front adj shocks set at 70/30
Competition engineering rear drag springs
stock front springs
stock rear sway bar
No front sway bar
Air bags 11 psi D/S 17 psi P/S
MT ET streets no tubes 12.5 PSI on Weld drag lights 15 X 8 X 4.5 B.S.
Just installed QA1 12 way adj. (need to tune this sunday):confused: :confused:

Welds 15 X 10 X 5.5 B.S. with 325 50 15 MT ET street radials waiting for me to notch the frame.

Thanks for the info in advance.