replacing s/c with turbo?


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In the quest for more boost, is it a worthwhile attempt to even try? I know this ain't a Ford forum, but if anyone has more experience with turbos and s/c its the Buick crowd. I have access to 3 Thunderbird SC's all in running condition and was wondering if turbo conversion was doable since they are mass air cars. I hear they have head gasket issues. Plumbing is gonna be a challenge but I think I can do it and they are factory intercooled. Any suggestions, comments? -Chuck
I know you all positively dislike the mustang crowd, but I ran across the site and sorta lurked there for a while. They seem to have a couple of guys with experience converting their sc'd 3.8's to turbo. Don't think they are quite up to par as far as knowledge about other turbo engines and seem to be a little less refined than the Buick crowd, but some good ideas none the less. Interesting site to visit, just thought i'd share if'n yall's interested. :) -Chuck