RTTH 2013 Pro-Touring Event

scot w.

Feb 19, 2005
Well today The car done great so far with the temps only getting up to 180* after/during 4 consecutive non stop runs on the course.
Conrad carter (Hotair) made it in from NC do get some seat time in our car for a feeling of how his car will handle when it's done, (TurboDave) came out and took video's and pictures, Doug Lutes was there with his GoPro camera experience so we should have some nice video footage if every thing worked as planed. Scottie from (Scottie D TV) was there and done a interview with me and the car so I put him in the passenger seat for a feel of the car, he is great with a video camera so this video should turn out nicely!

TurboDave, feel free to post pic's or video's of what you got, same goes for Conrad, post up your experience of your first RTTH event. :D

Here is one picture I got before we started... (Tire Pressure set, Shocks adjusted)
RTTH 4.jpg
Going to try and figure out how to post these vids. Hope this works, here's the first half of your 3rd run:

And the closing of that 3rd run. Track was so big it's hard to get the whole thing, but did learn a few things about shooting vids. Sorry for the crumby quality.

And finally: Amazing how flat your car is through the twisty's

Yes, and they did very well. The truck is set up specially for autocrossing.
And here's one where Scot got a little over exuberent!! He theatened to throw rocks at me if I posted it, but what the heck, stuff happens.

Scot should have some great GoPro vids to post later, and I wait to hear how he did in the finals (shootout) that he qualified for.

I got to ride in Scots car and Ridetech's Chevelle...special thanks to Ridetech's Jason for his patience! I asked him a thousand questions and he answered every single one!!

All I can say is the autocross is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Conrad (66 years young and having a blast)
I want to thank Scot and Gina for their hospitality this weekend. They made me feel so welcome!! Sorry I had to leave early and not say goodbye....I was needed at home.
Great meeting you Conrad!

I also got a chance to ride along on one of Scot's runs. All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!!!!! It's nothing like watching from the sidelines!! I never imagined a car could stick like that! Took a half hour for my stomach to settle down!

Scot, here's some nice stills for you!

Looks like lot's of fun....thanks Dave for the pictures ...nice job driving Scot.
And here's one where Scot got a little over exuberent!! He theatened to throw rocks at me if I posted it, but what the heck, stuff happens.

Scot should have some great GoPro vids to post later, and I wait to hear how he did in the finals (shootout) that he qualified for.

Yeah so much for that Ridetech guy riding with me to help! LOL
Too much tire pressure was the result of that! LOL Tire pressure was up to 36 psi on that run and when Doug dropped them down to 25 front & 26-28 rear the car was great the next run.
Well after 2 days of 12 hrs of racing each day I can say I miss it already but I am wore completely Out! Dave thanks a lot for the video's and the still pictures, yea you looked a little quizzy after your ride! :D

Conrad, Glad you could make it to this event to ride along with me so you could get a feel of how the car handles with the components we sell, no you know how your car will feel when it's done! It was a great time having you hang out with us and your welcome any time.

Well I beat the 2012 Mustang Cobra I went up against in the first round of the shootout and went onto the second round and was paired up with Kyle Tucker (owner of DSE) in his 2nd gen Camaro. This was not a good match up and I should have done some "Pinks" negotiating for lengths! When the flag dropped I jest went about 5-10 mph while I could hear Kyle giving it hell he made it around the course in seconds and was behind me where I stopped ON the finish line and would let him cross it.. (The crowd went crazy laughing)..I was just hoping he would hit just one cone cause I would have won but that didn't happen... LOL

All in all, the car feels MUCH better with the adjustable coil overs and the new BFG tires. The engine done fantastic with no leaks at all and even after 4 consecutive runs one right after one another the car only got up to 180*.

Time for a "Tru-trac" though, the stock rear chunk just isn't cutting it anymore when coming out of a hard turn!

My good friend Doug Lutes will be editing all the GoPro footage from the event and as soon as I get those videos I will post them up here for you guys. It's always been wierd why cars on Any track look slow on video but the GoPro footage seems to put things into perspective much better and gives you a sense of how it really was but still nothing compares to actually being in the car! Pretty much every pass I had a passenger with me and people Loved it and I loved seeing them have fun!
I finally got my photos downloaded. My thanks to Doug Lutes and his girlfriend Kim. He is a great g-body guy (a much modified Monte Carlo SS no less) and I look forward to seeing his car on the track in the near future. Kim is a Mustang Cobra fanatic and she beats the snot out of her car on thetrack! ...Watch her!...she is getting faster and faster!! Doug had better get his MC on the road soon...I wonder if he is dragging his feet because he is afraid that Kim will beat him with her Mustang!

Scot did beat a late model Mustang in the first round of the ShootOut on Sat afternoon! Way to go Scot!!!! Here are some photos.


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Here is the Scottie D TV Interview, Check it out and Like us on the video!

I Hate interviews and this one kind of caught me off guard so I stumbled a few times and left out some other parts on the car but none the less it turned out pretty good. At the end Scottie actually did the video with his own camera, on that particular run we about 70 mph down that straight away and back up it, the car got crazy speed/traction coming up that hill and I came into that turn a little Hot and hit a cone... Stay tuned for Many more GoPro video's!

Looked like an outstanding "bug evasive " manuver cause Rockford ain't got snit on Scotty ;)

Awesome driving!

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