S/C GT 500 Blows up on Dyno


Headgasket maybe?Ouch:eek:I don't want to be the guy changing that.They are suppose to be a real bear to pull the heads off of.

That guy tried to bring that car into the dealership that my brother works at under warranty and Ford said NO! Rod went through the block, new longblock will cost him 15K.
Ha!...That'll teach them...:frown: Everything has it's limits, Shelby or not...This guy didn't have enough common sense to back off of it in time... until it was too late...:mad:

Claude. :rolleyes:
On the dyno.:rolleyes: Didn't even get to drive it into the ground. Either way it's going to cost a few nickels to fix that one.
I love it when people claim a stock Ford modular bottom end will hold 1000hp when they routinely let go at levels far below that. If you haven't seen it happen, the blocks are paper thin. It used to be a rat race and top $$$ for a good core without a hole in the side of it.
Well, I wonder why it happened? Did the tuner push the limit or did the owner just want to see how much power it would make?

The Shelby we race and tune on made 989 rwhp. Ran 10.14 at 144 they will last if the tune is right. You cant rev them to high with the stock rods.Ours has a SVO block now with good rods, the car only has 4000 miles on it. New motor has made over 1000 rwhp now.