Shifting Problems


Just got my car back off a 1200 mile trip. The car worked great until I got home and did my first rolling WOT. The car spools up quickly but does not go anywhere like it's slipping. It accelerates great at part throttle. Also when I start from first gear, it does not shift out of first until the car hits redline (about 5500 rpm) then it takes a long time to shift then when it finally does, it slides into second (really sluggish)
The TV cable is adjusted all the way in right now.
Also it has a 3800 9.5 in non lockup art carr.

Did a Line pressure check and hear is what I got:

Min TV (cable all the way out)
Park 150
R 260
D4 145
D3 150
D2 145
D1 140

Max TV (cable all the way in)
Park 65
R 130
D4 70
D3 70
D2 140
D1 140

Your pressures are pretty screwed up there.

I think you reversed your column headers there as the Max readings will occur with the calbel pulled all the way out.

At that, the maximum readings that you are seeing are too low to boot. Should be 200+ in the forward gears. Reverse is OK but is usually a bit higher too.

You need to have that checked out right away.
Actually, the test port is in the same location on all 200-4R's as the cases are the same regardless of model. You used the correct port. BTW, there is an additional port at the rear of the transmission for fourth gear pressure.
The car ran good from VA to OK. What could have happened to reverse the readings?

The Buzn Half Duzn
Just dropped the pan. The valve body is on tight. Looks like a lot of junk in the pan. I can't really tell. I took some pix, don't know if you can tell anything by them. I did not clean the pan or the magnetic doughnut. I saved some oil in a clear plastic bottle. Want to save it for someone more qualified to look at. Found a brass looking ring in the pan. It's not a C clip, looks like a washer worn down. Also bought a TV cable but does not look like the right one, it was for a non turbo 2bbl tranny. Autozone listed the 2004r turbo as not available. Is it available anywhere locally or is it one of those HARD TO FIND parts?



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Not good......

Not to be the bearer of bad news but you got problems. I reviewed your pics and things dont look good. I also would venture to guess that your brass ring is a washer from a planetary gear set. Prolly OD planet is what I would guess.
You are gonna need to pull down and find. you got car up....Pull trans and disassemble to find cause.