Sl65 Amg


Feb 8, 2006
Give me some personal opinions about the Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG. The richest guy in town here has one, and he thinks it's the baddest car on earth. He passed me on the way to work a few days ago when I was in my LS1 Camaro SS. I thought to myself "I need to catch up to him sometime in my TTA :cool: " After looking at what one of those things will do I'm not so sure beating it would be an easy task. I just knew it was a sporty looking AMG and it would probably beat a stock camaro ss, so I didn't try it. It was a wise decision after finding out what the car actually is. I have a new motor I've almost got finished up, so my combo is the following.

Turbonetics 66bb,
comp 212/212 cam,
Ported heads that flowed similar to champion cnc irons (206 cfm)
Diamond forged pistons (9.1 compression)
ARP studs and bolts on everything.
Razor's kit (injecting straight VP methanol)
3" downpipe and 3" full exhaust without cat.
vigilante 3200 multidisc lockup (Easily footbraked 12#s on same combo with the stock TTA shortblock and it's 8.0 compression )
Spohn adjustable Torque arm and ET Streets.
Aiming for around 25#'s of boost

I think I should be able to take him out without much trouble from a dig, but what do you think would happen from a roll?
Car weighs 4000 lbs(like an Impala) and runs 120 trap speed. You can get him.. but your going to need to be in tip top shape. Wont be a walk in the park. From a dead stop the TTA will kill em especially since you have sticky tires. From a roll.. you better be spooled up before you nail it.
With 604 net hp, 738 net lb-ft between 2,000 - 4,000 rpm, and a factory rated 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds it is a very quick car but at 4550lbs curb weight it is also very heavy. I'd say mid to low 11's should be enough to comfortably take him from a dig but from a roll I dunno, with 2.65 gears I'd bet it has alot of top end once moving.

I know running with a car like that doesn't leave room for error. Tuning and driving skill would be key factors along with a well thought out combination. I think that roll racing probably wouldn't be the best decision against a car like that, especially at higher speeds where the main factors are horsepower and aerodynamics, but I shouldn't complain, TTA's have both :biggrin: unfortunately the SL65 AMG is nothing to sneeze at in those aspects either.
When ur cars dialed in...

It wont be close at all. That 66BB is gonna split his skull wide open. As long as U dont get into a burn out contest when launching the car, the race will be over before it starts. Usually guys with that kind of money dont have a clue on how to drive it to its full potential. Now go forth young man and whip some Candy @ss!
Saw one here on our local dyno, 580 hp to the wheels...and this was at 5500 feet elevation. Very impressive!
you also have to take into consideration the drivers skill.. his ability to actually drive the car hard and right... the car could be making 800hp, or be capable of running 10s, but its pointless if you have some one that doesnt have the skills behind the wheel..... none the less, i know you can take him....:biggrin: ......
That's why I keep one of these lying around for the heavy hitters.:biggrin:


I would try to keep that race to a dig only....there is a guy who runs one at a local track,I heard he has a RennTech computer,Exhaust and some other little crap done...The car traps over 130mph...And looks smooth as glass doing it.

Anyone who has 140k to drop on a car...Has the money to do a few mods also.A bone stock one is hard enough to beat...A few mods and they get damn near impossible.(even for a stock trim)
I seen a new SL65 AMG run a high 11 and gapped the new M8 it was beside. That tank moved out