So...who own(ed) that GN?

Street racing is a big thing in the D. I use to go back in the day ,80's and 90's. But not worth getting shot if a bet goes bad.

I wish they would of built a track at the old fair grounds. but people didn't want the noise :rolleyes: And Milan is over a hour away.
Car taken away for just watching!!!!

What if your are an outer of towner and just happened to come across what was going on and out of curiosity you start watching, that sucks!!!

Sounds like just another way to generate revenue for "Officials"
While the dumb sh!ts shouldn't be racing in a residential area, I think taking spectators cars is pushing it big time.
I don't have MUCH of an issue seizing the actual racer's cars - taking the spectator's cars is nothing more than a revenue grab.
Seize the racer's cars, maybe ticket spectators, might fit the issue more.

Wonder if you are a spectator and you live on that street and watching from your steps, what happens then? Do they seize your home lol.
You would have to be crazy to race on the street pictured. Too narrow, too many side streets.
for get that, a kid could jump out nowhere :eek:
in residential areas Fckem take the racers cars and freedom, spectators forfeit the right to sue when they get run over and BTW this fine is yours.
Something has to be done about street's too idiot and dangerous....I feel they are doing the right thing.....

Case in point.....when I was younger, stupid and full of piss and vinegar, I used to street race my '68 Firebird 400 Ram Air II......yeah, real cool.....not....until the day a good buddy of mine wrapped his brand new '67 marina blue, 427 Corvette convertible around a telephone pole about two miles from my home....he was drag racing a Camaro.....he hit the pole around 135mph.....sideways........I rushed up there to only find pieces of the Vette, plus, he was in three pieces himself.......very, very bloody....I cried my eyes out for months on end....and ended my stupid street racing for good....from then one, it was the track for me, where it's a little more civilized.......street racing is for stupid people....I should know....I was one.....good for the Detroit Police.......that's the way I feel about it.

If you think you have the "fastest Grand National or Turbo T" then take it to the track with your mouth, instead of the can really show how fast it is with the time slips, as time slips NEVER brag or's a win win situation at the track.....on the street, well, just wait till you see a good buddy torn to pieces just because he had the "fastest" car buddy is never coming back, you's still fresh in my mind, and this happened in in peace, my friend....hopefully, there are GNs and Corvettes in heaven.....if not, then I'm not ever dying...I'll stay here forever.

PS: I still have a piece of his marina blue Corvette in my remind me that life is so short....and VERY short for those who make stupid decisions....I still miss him, you know?

Bruce '87 Grand National
So, who owned the GN that got confiscated? Anyone on this forum from Detroit and lose their car lately?? Inquiring minds want to know.
the people that write the articles- and the police that they interview- need to be reminded that it's not "drag racing" when it's done on the street.. it's "street racing". to use the word "drag" casts a negative light on people that do it right and race at a track.
IT WAS MY GN THEM A-HOLES TOOK!!!!! lITERALLLY NO BS......I havent raced it but twice this year the first time was when the throttle stuck and this was the second time....The T/A in the beginning was my friends car that i was racing against...Same car when i stuck my throttle!!! I hadnt posted anything cause i was upset embarassed and didnt want anyone bidding against me if it went to auction...It happened Woodward Cruise Weekend...