South Dakota Pheasants


Mar 29, 2007
A friend and I went out last Tuesday night for a 3 ½ day hunt. The weather was awesome for a change. Got into the upper teens and even low twenties with little wind or snow. We were able to limit every day but one. On that day my 192k mile alternator went out so we had to beat feet to the closest town that could fix me up. Tons of fun and I’m going back next week. If you ever get the chance to go, do it. It's a whole different world out there and I live laid back Iowa. Bring your uncased guns into the hotel at night. Even at the dealership to get my truck fixed we had two uncased guns laying in the front seat when the mechanic drove it off for repair. We hunt all state ground and while we do have to work and walk hard for our birds it always fun. Bring a shovel you will be glad you did. I’ve been stuck every trip.


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I just got out of North Dakota a little over a week ago. If I never see snow again,. it will be too soon. LOL!
Nice shooting? Pheasants fly right at you, you could hit them with a rock. I get mine with a Peterbilt.

Just kidding nice shooting. They only fly right at you when you are unarmed.

As stupid as pheasants are I don't know how they know you are carrying a gun.

Pheasants are a lot like turkeys in a way. Stupid. Until you try to kill one. They have excellent eyes and ears. They are very good at avoiding danger. I’ve heard it said many times that if a turkey could smell you would never be able to kill one. I love hunting pheasants, watching my dog work, and enjoying the outdoors. I’m going back in a couple of days with two of my brothers and my nephew.