Stock front sway bars anyone?


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Dec 31, 2005
I need a stock front sway bar. Got 50 bucks in paypal right now ready to pay. Would be nice if ya had a mounting bracket too. One of mine broke.
I do have an extra bar, I'll have to look if the clamps are still there,I can let you know later this morning.

I Have One In Northern Indiana W/ Clamps If First Responder Cannot Help You Give Me A P.m.--tim
disregard my buddiiee comments. for some odd reason this computer thinks its signed on to both names, and it switches back and forth with each visit, when it wants to. turbo6smackdown is my main screenname.
hey i got one and am heading to fraser in the next couple weeks how soon you need it?
I have one. I could meet you some night near the airport, say McDonalds on Merriman. $40 with brackets


If still needed have 2 bars and 4 hangers and 4 A arm post in warren.I have pay pal and can deliver or pickup.
there a free front sway bar in the parts for sale section. he said just pay shipping and its yours.
Actually, $40 is too much. I don't have the brackets anymore so $25 will do. PM me if you want to meet up.