Streetcar Shootout


May 26, 2001
Wassup Guys, What about a head count on racers that night:( :D Being how packed it's going to be that night, me, Dean, & Paul will be infront of the gates at 3:45 (don't want to pit in the dirt). The gates open at 4pm and time trials start at 5:30. Expect the race to end late knowing how un........awe I don't want to talk s4!t, you know what I mean:eek: :D Race Safely, Les
I'll try to get there by 3:45p.m too. If i'm not there early save me a good spot! :D
I'll be there probably a little later than 4, but I'll be there as a spectator with the car....

Do we all want to park in a certain area as a group??? Where???