Syclone 2 run /155mph


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Feb 1, 2004
Finally back from the race. Yesterday was raining, only got 2 runs. First was terrible traction 60 foot 1.85, almost hit the christmastree! Our goal was to test the new engine, and tune it in a little bit. Second run went a little bit better: 9.40 this was still with low boost. After this run, they shut down our track. Today we got only 1.5 run. The audiance was around 10-15000 people. Trackcondition was perfect. My first run was with full boost, but the brakes couldn´t hold the car, so I couldn´t get up the boost in the start. 60 foot: 1.69 quite good time 9.32/ 155 mph. My second run I run with a trancebrake, and I got a perfect start 60 foot 1.42 and I felt that the 8 "was in my hand" sadly on the top of the 2nd gear, I totally lost power. The problem was that all the gear was gone. Probably snapped the shaft in the transmission gear.Gonna find out tomorrow. I´m very happy with the engine! It´s working perfectly! Listen to the sound Here are videos from the runs.
That´s all!

YouTube - Syclone 9.32/155Mph
Sorry about the transmission, but that has to be the fastest street truck in the world. Congratulations I love that thing!
Thanks for the video Robert, as John said your truck is easily one of the fastest in the world and I never get tired of watching it make passes:D :cool:
That think still has AWD? Right? Anyone know what kinda tranny he is running?
AWD/4l80e Makes it even more impressive!

Just otta curiosity? How does that AWD hold up? What problems have you encountered with the AWD? What breaks? Propshafts? Rear ends? What is the weak point? thanx...... It never gets old watcking ur videos. Good stuff!