TAI at BG Oct 2010... Roll Call


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Its on the books.. whose coming :D

I'll be there :wink:

If anyone needs some service/part/kit/tuning from me, please PM me. I'd like to keep this thread TAI(turbo alcohol injection) class specific.
TAI roll call

I am planning to race TAI in BG, just hope my car holds together after spanking some mouse-stangs in Noble.......I gave the car the summer off in order to last for these two events.

If all goes well going to try to run TAI and THS!!!!!

will be on a diet of pump gas and alky so WHY NOT!!!!

thanks JD
A few weeks out.. be there or be square :D

Its going to be a great turnout.. I'll be there Thursday.. we all should get together on Friday for the drivers meeting then start the real racing on Saturday. Thats when we'll do the gas station fillup in the AM.
I'll be there. As far as running the class......something always breaks while I'm there!:biggrin:

Same here !!

I got my new PTC 9.5" last Thursday, my new tranny on Friday. Tranny is in, but not fully connected. Work is killing me but come hell or high water the car is coming! Getting to race may be a different story but I am planning on it.