Transmission Depot delivery


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Trans from transmission depot. Not according to specification

I’m own one of totally 8 pc Gn in Sweden. I bought a 750 hp 2004R trans from transmission depot and the first trip was about ½ mile before break down. The trans did not shift to the 3rd gear.
I bought a the ATSG trans manual and made a inspection of the trans. And according to the specification there should be a heavy duty oil pump, shift kit, big servo, new oil filter etc.
The trans was built for 750 hp transmission depot. I understand that I have been naive when a thrust transmission depot.
This were detected during inspection:
Standard oil filter with cracks.
Standard pump.
To un tight screws on valve body.
The carriers clearance were above specification.
End rear play 0,3 mm above specification
Front rear play 0,4mm above specification.
No thrust were replaced. Plastic thrust washer to pump was cracked.
The reason for the brake down was that the inner oil seal ring was damaged on the direct clutch hub. The seal ring was wrong assembled so that the sealing was broken for appr. 1,5 ” of the length.
This was the first time a dismantled a trans but a understand the instructions from the manual.
The guy assembled this trans did not understand the instructions or he just did not care.
A have bought parts for additionally 1200$ and I hope to have a trans for 500hp.
Thanks transmission depot.

regards Jan
No offense but Trans depot is not the place to buy a trans for a Buick to start off with...

Best thing you can do is cut your loss and go with one from a vendor here that builds real 200's that will last 500hp with no problem...