Dec 3, 2009
I thought hard about posting this but here it goes.... I have long had a problem with the parting of these cars and thus had a problem with James. I teased him in his posts and even hijacked some to get my point across.... I can honestly say the best thing I could have done is take Brians (Bison) advice and just called him. I needed some parts that only he had... All I can say is if you have an issue with him parting cars just call. It helped me for sure. The cars he parts 90% of the time are rust buckets, wrecks, or just beyond repair from what I gathered. I won't hesitate from buying from him again after this. Thanks James ant it was nice to talk to you! Also, thanks for setting me straight on some items!!!!
he has a chit load of cars and parts. he has always been helpful and honest with me. these cars are old and getten older by the day and there just isnt many guys left who can help find those little items that are no longer available from the dealer.
Calling the guy sure did go a long way. Good guy for sure! He has alot of money into what he has as well!
He had so much parts that everytime I walk in his shopssssssssssss. I het trip onto something and bust my AXXX all the time:biggrin:
James' shop is becoming like my second home. I'm going to start signing my paychecks over to him. :p