tuning high fuel press


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I've been trying to tune this car with no scan tool , i was running 42psi w/vac off and it ran like it waslosing some high rpm power.Then i tryed 45psi and it ran stonge in the high rpms. Am i on the right track or is this to much fuel.I am running a Joe L 93 chip with 93 pump gas and all i can get out of it is 15 psi. Where should i go from here .
I forgot some of my mods.

40lb injectors
sperco intercooler
307 pump
aii the fuel system stuff and some other things]
Does this sound to high for 40lb injectors with 15psi , it seems to run faster with more fuel press, i stoped at 45 psi did not know if it was to high for it. i am going to get some new plugs and try that .