TurboTweak Thanksgiving Sale!

Eric Stage I

TurboTweak Guy
May 25, 2001
TurboTweak Thanksgiving Sale!! from NOW to Sunday at midnight

Visit the webstore and check it out (TurboTweak - Turbo Buick Custom Chips and Parts)

TurboTweak 5.6 chip $65.00
TurboTweak 6.0 chip $109.99

Powerloggers $239.99
Scanmasters $229.99
Translators $179.99
GenII Translator with new easy install harness $244.99 (add an Extreme G chip for $75)
2-Step $209.99

42lb flow matched injectors/5.6 chip combo $269.99
60lb flow matched injectors/5.6 chip combo $349.99
80lb flow matched injectors/5.6 chip combo $349.99

The webstore will indicate if it's in stock or not (it's a live system). If it's out of stock, you still get the price, and I'll ship when it's back in stock.

Sale is over Sunday 11/28/10 at midnight (central time)!
Thanks Eric :biggrin:

I ordered my new chip today. Time to replace the old Fred Vetter chip. :eek:

Now that you stopped laughing, I hope you can figure out my old (ancient) school parts. Seriously.;)
Thanks John!

Just wanted to remind everyone that this will end tonight. (You guys that left voice messages will still get the sale price.)

I have everything in stock currently, ready to ship.

Thanks for the orders so far!