Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

When was the last time you called someone an ass followed with a funny emote and then complemented their work? C'mon man lol

The last time.............ummm, never.:rolleyes:

Sorry if I took you wrong - it was just a little strange. No worries.;)
I hope you can find some time to work on it some more...I love your updates !!! I was hoping you would have it at Bowling Green last year...
It is a work of art for sure !!!

Life gets in the way sometimes. Nothing real exciting to update at this point. Just finishing up some odds and ends fab work before I tear it back apart to take the chassis to the powdercoater. I've got to get moving on it though cause it's supposed to go to the painter first of the year.
Well, it's been a while since I've been on here and I've had a few requests for updates. Nothing too exciting to show at this point. Mostly been finishing up some misc fab stuff, misc welding, etc. The car is scheduled to go to the painter in the next few weeks so things should start rolling. The plan is to have the car at SEMA in Las Vegas in November so I better get rollin.......

Here are a few progress pics of sorts......

Front seats mounted in car.............

And a major key to the puzzle - Extreme Automatics/Lonnie Diers Turbo Glide...........this is basically a pro-mod Turbo 400 in an SFI approved case from Reid Racing. It's a spragless setup with a 2.10 1st gear billet gear set., Griner valve body, bulletproof everything. Hat's off to Lonnie D for swapping it all over to the Reid case.

Check in a little more often Will. Even if you don't have anything new at least tell us you're alive.:finger::wideyed::ROFLMAO:
Check in a little more often Will. Even if you don't have anything new at least tell us you're alive.:finger::wideyed::ROFLMAO:
With the amount of progress on the car lately, that is still debatable Charlie.....:D
Thanks Will, for this we will wait. This is one we all want to see.
Thought I'd share some progress with the 2 or 3 people that haven't given up on this thing ever getting finished.......

Couple of more key pieces to the puzzle. Decided to go with the Racepak Smartwire system. This setup virtually eliminates all relays and fuses typically used and is all packaged neatly. It's all programmed via computer to make any switch control any function pretty much any way you want it to act. Wish I would have had this on my green car for sure.

Next up is a load of plumbing from the good folks at XRP. This is a new type of hose called Pro Plus that's a teflon lined hose that's virtually bullet proof and will outflow other same size hoses. What blew me away is the small physical size of the lines . AN-06 in this stuff has virtually the same OD of typical -04 hoses but the ID is WAAAY bigger. I took a few pics comparing a standard issue braided -10 line to the Pro Series -10 line......

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And the one I've had the most requests for..............the paint. It's different, modern, but still pays homage to the original. The GSX logo is just to make the purists moan a little more! lol

I decided the only way to get a direction was going to be to hire a graphic designer. Tavis Highlander at Highlander Design Concepts has been extremely helpful in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this project. This is money well spent IMO.

As Always… looks AWESOME!!! Cannot wait 'til this thing comes to fruition… i am sure i will see it in all the mags….maybe i can get an autographed copy :whistle:;)

Sometimes the hobbies aren't always top priority in life but I'm back on it now. Fired the engine in the car for the first time to be sure all the major plumbing and electrical systems are ironed out before it comes back apart to go to the painter.

There is light at the end of the tunnel !!!!!!!!

The paint scheme looks great too. Thanks for the update...

hello people; Sounds like one mean mother even better without the music. It's going to be nice.