ultra pro touring gn

The ones in the front - the black rims you see are 18 by I think 9 However the rears that we are going to run could be up to 18 by 13 with rubber somewhere around 18/35/335 ish that's an easy viper wheel tire combo to run. The TT viper in our stable runs that size - two of those out back in a GN ? Yes like the flinstones, meet the flinstones - yabadado !
Ford 9 inch is good but in our application we wanted something bullet proof like the Dana 60 - but they are heavier than the 9 inch
Rear end is really shaping up now !



taking over the world !
No I said we did not like ford junk IE ford 9 inch and a Dana 60 is better then the 9 inch - IMO - but the 60 is heavy plus those ideas have been done done done as we are doing a viper rear clip which the diff is actually light as its all alum - now the whole swap set-up maybe a bit heavier with the control arms and more frame etc but a viper weights in at around 3300 pounds and the g body is at like 3400 so still should be close to being lighter minis interior and bunch of other crap But the 4 link has some weight too so will see when we weight finished car here is pick of rear al welded in...