ultra pro touring gn

Configuring frame now. Looking to included dry sump system ? Anyone have input on that? Where to acquire dry sump system ?
What is that crazy picture of what looks like a weld bead? How did this new post / thread that we put under " Fab " get moved to " friend and family rides "

Please advise ! This crazy
Is there some anomaly going on here ? Now the big weld bead pictures are gone ?

I am still confused as to how the thread moved
A moderator probably moved it. Most build threads go in this section. The fabrication section is more tech related, like how to fab something.
We are using some suspension parts from speed tech up front with 20 way adjustable coil overs and using a full floater 9 inch custom 4 link set up out back.

We ordered a TA alum block and are switching to that from stock 109 Block due our application and desire to utilze a dry dump oiling system ....so will have a fully preped 30 over stock block with all 5 billet mains, RJC girdle and deep pan along with the fancy motor mounts here soon fully machined and releved for 3,625 scat striker see up for sale here soon ...

Will post more pics here soon. Top part of our customs frame up front has been completed and looks pretty good :)
Yep thought long and hard about which rear end to use : ford 9 inch full floater - But we hate ford crap ! Built Dana 60 ? Would handle all we throw at it but way too heavy... Then what to do for wheel size. Mini tub ? Roll fenders? Plus what suspension to use? Whom what to do sooo many choices most way to easy and so over done - we just gots to be us

So we dropped back drank a yohoo - ooh love that brown chocolate water goodness - and decided to live up the title of our thread and throw the in back half of a viper !

That's right ... Super proven IRS with all the adjustment. Will have pics up soon. Oh and don't try this at home definitely ain't no a weekend warrior task this I assure you !
Switch clutch to custom flywheel, Alum, with tilton triple disc carbon on carbon set up, weights in at like 6 pounds complete and will hold plenty oh power. Let the good time roll