ultra pro touring gn

Dec 6, 2010
The most best mechanics on the planet have teamed together to blow your mind. What you are about to see should not be tried at
home. This will be a long build thread, 80 hrs a week, with pics and video for about the next 10 months of our lives, but when completed, you will need a diaper.
Short list of awesomeness
850 hp at the wheels
6speed trans
twin turbo
motor relocation

Vehicle was a pristine 87 with 56,000 miles 2nd owner.
Here are some pics of first stages of frame strengthening
Locate the engine lower and back more, then put the transaxle in the rear from a C6 Z06 so you can move more weight to the back and get IRS and some rear suspension adjustability... Not easy, but would be cool.
Ya we gots no time for yaple daple crapale corvette parts.... Really they made what like 8 million corvettes ?

Can't swing a dead cat by its tail without hitting one where we are. Add in the old people wearing wind braeker jackets that buy them
and can't drive them and boy oh boy you gots so fun times ahead .

Keep the advice coming ....the only bad idea is the ond not expressed or explored. Well that and if it involves corvette parts
A lot of Buick guys also have Corvettes...

For Pro-touring - I think a beefed up transaxle IRS with big brakes and suspension adjustability (you can set rear toe/camber) would let you set the car up to handle really well for each track you go to, ie, better high speed driving event with good high speed stable braking or a slow speed autoX setup. And the weight balance, more 50/50 if you're going gonzo on this build.
What did you do for a clutch? Stock block or stage 2? What brakes are you putting on it?
Stock block with all billet mains, champion heads, scat stroker kit, billet girdle, ceramic coated pistons.
brakes will be willwood 6 piston 14" rotor upfront, possibly composite.
clutch is a dual disc ram that we've had good success with in our trans am that we ran at the big bend open road race last spring. Silver state transmission hooked us with the tranny and clutch setup.
Going great ! Maybe finished a lot faster than first thought. Still can't figure out how to put up video links for live action ! Well previously recorded live action
I am looking forward to following the build and seeing the final product!

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