Unleaded 111 Octane???


Sep 29, 2008
Anybody ever heard of any unleaded 111 octane gasoline? Up here in Minneapolis there's a place called Bobby and Steve's Auto World that claims to carry this type of fuel. I even called them to confirm what I heard and they said they have it. I plan on driving by there in the near future to check out the pump. Do you think it's a bunch of bs? Maybe they're advertising the RON, and not the MON or AKI. Any ideas?
Well I went by the place and checked it out. They do offer 111, and the owner of the place told me face to face he swears it's unleaded. He gave me a flyer and guess what I found, ITS LEADED. Go figure, huh? The company who makes it is CPChem, or Chevron Phillips Chemical Company. They do offer 100, 101, and 105 unleaded, but unfortunately this place doesn't carry it. Oh well, it was worth a shot.