shelby chris

Jul 17, 2008
I am actively looking for an 87 GNX...ideally it will be an original-paint or quality-repaint car that is untouched/original mechanically.It must have all of the original important stuff....turbo, wheels, paperwork, etc. I'd like one that has mileage anywhere from 2,000 to 25,000 miles,give or take...i want one to drive and enjoy, not park at look at! I traded a fellow member here my original-paint 87 GN and have regretted it since....just sold the car that I traded for and am ready to buy. The main thing is I don't want one that's been passed around from collector to collector and has more miles in the back of a transport than on the road...ideally I'd like one that has been driven carefully but enjoyed...

Please email me at chrislance@hughes.net with any info or leads....thanks in advance! Chris Lance-Athens, Ohio

Mods-if this is in the wrong area my apology-thought it'd get the most looks in the GNX section. Thanks:)
Chris, I emailed this post to a buddy of mine up in Seattle, I not sure if he is on the forum. He was trying to sell his earlier this year. I believe that his is #478. I haven't talked to him since last spring so I not sure that he still has it. I'll try calling him and have him check is emails.
Chris, I just got the phone with my buddy and the car has already been sold. Good luck with your search.
I have #163 for sale

orig paint, no mods, very clean, driven car, 65k miles.
I'm 3rd owner. owned for 5yrs,
I saw your ad and looked at the pics, very nice....hoping to find one with a few less miles, but appreciate your post...thanks!
GNX #399 and #170 on ebay as we speak!;)

I saw those ads.....as narrow-minded as this may sound, i am hoping to buy one from an owner directly and quietly, not one that's "out there", so to speak.....i know, sounds a little foolish but just my preference Thanks for your post!...I appreciate it
I know that GNX #167 is (or was) for sale in the Montreal area...Ask member "J-B Racing", he might be able to help you as he knows the owner...

Claude. :wink:
Have you checked the GNX for sale at the Imperial Palace Auto Collection in Vegas?
#248 is for sale last time I googled it. I think it was at MW classic in St. louis. Price is a bit steep though........
Thanks for the tip, i called and spoke to Dave, a very nice gentleman....still on the hunt, and thanks to all for responding or posting!