WCN racing weekend in Phoenix!

Nick Micale

Tech Advisor
Staff member
All is set for our WCN event at Speedworld! :)

On Friday the 26th the gates will be open at noon until 4 PM for Buick participants who would like to park their trailer and/or car for the event.

You must enter at the Jomax Road gate ONLY on Friday afternoon, and use the Happy Valley Road entrance on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be "armed" security protection overnight as usual.

Last year we had a "Buick Bracket" race which cost $20 to enter. All proceeds were, and will, be paid to winners. We will decide on payback division of $$$ from participants, should it be winner and runner up, or top four places?

I know it is a little late, but if we had a commitment with a minimum of 10 entrants, ArizonaGN and possibly TA performance would sponsor a trophy.

Post your thoughts?

It is not yet shown on the Speedworld schedule, but I have been informed that the track WILL be open and operating on Sunday the 28th.

Look forward to seeing many of you there.