went to the track tonight te45a is this consistant?

4.1 motor- 220/220 cam, msd 50's, pte upper, power plate, cas front mount, ported heads, 9 inch non lock up--

launch off idle cause the tires go up in smoke if i try anything else
hooks best this way-

im missing some mph on the top end-- it cause the tranny slips, and i need the new one in soon-
Not sure about your car-

But the guy in the z-06 needs a butt woopin and a driving lesson:eek: --pitiful times.

Geoff Hall
gotta watch some of the ZO6s....if the guy can drive :) ...last night at NED there was one up there for "street" night...turbo'd...11.10@ 140.11 !!!!!!! he has gone 10.60s on a reg test session :)
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sorry im in arush to get to work

I was asking that question to see if you already got the motor together with the pistons I sold you. I'm very curious how they will hold up and how dumb I might've been for selling them.
my bad- i didnt get much sleep last night-

ross forged pistons are the ones in the motor-- and i still have the pistons sitting on the shelf from you-

they will be going into another 4.1 for another car soon

i will let you know how long they last--

Those are great times. You should easily be somewhere in the 11.70's or better with some good tires.