What aftermarket valve covers don't leak?


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I have a set of aftermarket (ANS) valve covers and I am tired of them leaking. No matter how good I clean and seal them, no matter what kind of gasket they still leak. The one thing I noticed is that they do not have the machined gutter like the factory ones. Are there any aftermarkets that will clear rollor rockers and have this gutter?

I have the Champion valve covers on GN1 heads...about 3 years now...not a drop of oil has leaked...what I do is use stock GM cork gaskets...guess you could use Felpro...spray each side of gasket with hi-temp aluminum spray paint...let it dry completely...the heat from the engine will seal the gaskets...I believe the gaskets from the factory were done this way...
Also with cork make sure you don't overtighten the bolts ans split the cork...I use a 1/4" drive ratchet...hold it in the palm of my hand and tighten them up...with the ratchet in the palm of my hand I can't get a lot of leverage and I don't overtighten the bolts...also very important to check the bolts after a few heat cycles...they do loosen up...
good choice...

the black ones look great.. and Metco also offers a nice breather kit for em


this is pair i have on the daily driver GN


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Did you try felpro's perma dry plus reusable molded rubber gaskets? Might be cheaper than another set of aftermarket VCs. They have a steel core and anti overtightening things in them. Expensive but I'd never go back to anything else.
I have the TA low prfile valve covers and they clear my roller rockers fine. I havent run the motor yet so I really dont know if they leak or not. I like the fact that the give much more clearence to the heater/AC box.