What happened to WinMX file sharing?


Turbo Milk Jug displacmnt
May 28, 2001
I've had a few friends mention that they could not find the download program for WinMX for file sharing. I hadn't used mine in several months, so I tried to use it yesterday and it would not connect. My brother had the same problem several weeks ago, and never got his working. Looks like somehow the software does not work anymore. Since this is a peer to peer network I didn't think there were any servers involved so how could it get shut down??
ya I have no idea, my winmx doesnt connect anymore. I was using that for a long time. I just use limewire now, its not bad.
If I remember right WinMX had some legal issues and had to shut down or something. It sucks because I liked WinMX, but now I use Soulseek.
It went down because they started charging for it. I do believe they are Limewire now. I paid the $30 for a lifetime membership and it works great. I had WinMx too, but this works as well.
I think they just got scared off by all the RIAA cr@p. Here's a link to a patch and another link that gets it working again.