What is there to do in so cal ?


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Oct 2, 2008
Hey buick bros work has landed me in so cal again and the last time i was here i did make it to venice beach i didnt do much of anything else..My pops says everything is here..I was wondering where all the Buick stuff and car stuff in general is at..Any cruise spots,drag strip or street action,it dosent matter...Im currently posted in West Covina but im in my van and can go pretty much anywhere...
Donut Derelicts, corner of Adams & Magnolia, Huntington Beach, every Sat morning, starts about 5:30 or so (still dark) cruise, strip mall lot holds about 150 cars or so, &
Cars & Coffee, Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, Ca., Premier Auto Group (PAG) parking lot, every Sat morning, starts about 6:00 or so, (almost still dark), holds about 200 or so cars.
Also check on SoCalCarCulture, for all Republik of So Kali car shows, cruises, etc., etc. HTH
I'll probably have my turbo Buick at Cars & Coffee in Irvine this Sat morning.
Go check out the Peterson musuem on Wilshire. No Buicks but some awsome cars anyways.
Go see my cousin in inglewood please:biggrin::biggrin: SOCAL is pretty cool, been there awhile ago and I would definatley go back. The smog is pretty bad though. Go to the hollywood walk of fame, eat at roscoes house of chicken and waffles, do a bit of overpriced shopping in hollywood, visit the bank that where the hollywood shootout took place, (I did) If you go to compton, AKA CPT/Hub city go to randy donoughts. There are some good places to look for parts as well in carson city.

Also try going to the mullholland hills for a little suspension testing and hiking.
Ill be in HB from 10/22 through 10/31.

If you schedule ahead and are available midmorning for a 3 hour tour that will blow you away, check out the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar. The heir to Merle Norman Cosmetics has amassed a collection of 'everything' you would not believe. Prolly 150 cars from 1895 to 1930's and they are just the tip of what's in the ten story museum:eek: Pipe organs, time pieces, grandfather clocks, Fabrige Eggs, George Washingtons desk for goodness sake! It's endless. Reservations are mandatory but it was free when I took the tour 6-8 years ago.


See ya at cars and coffee Gary, lets park the black cars together:cool:
Alan: See you at Cars & Coffee, I'm generally there about 6:00 AM or so, I generally park about 2 rows back from the front entrance to the parking lot. If you look for a black turbo Buick, you might be a while finding me, Mines white, like Casper, the friendly ghost.
me thinks they open irwindale at 5 pm & start racing at 6 ish to about 10 pm
Thx for all the suggestions fellas i just left hollywood blvd,they had a movie premier goin on limos and red carpet it was cool...I counted 6 ferraris,2 aston martins,and 2 bentleys while drivin thru beverly hills..My pops says they cruise crenshaw on sundays..Unfortunately imma miss the irwindale drags tomorrow i got a load from santa barbara to tucson az..Unless they send me back out there :biggrin:
You could take the time out to go visit the USS Arizona memorial, and the USS Missouri...ah, er....wait a minute, that's too far to swim. Sorry.:redface:

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